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CardanoPress – Initial Stake Pool Offering Dashboard

CardanoPress – Initial Stake Pool Offering Dashboard


The CardanoPress Initial Stake Pool Offering (ISPO) Dashboard allows any project to run their own ISPO. The plugin comes
with a dashboard calculator layout and a delegation mechanism to allow wallets, that can connect to decentralised
application websites, to delegate directly to the ISPO stake pools within a few clicks.

These mechanisms and designed features were created to improve the user experience for anyone that is new to ISPOs and
want to ensure that they are delegating to the correct stake pools in a safe manner.

These layouts and user experiences have been inspired by other successful ISPOs in the Cardano ecosystem such as Genius
Yield and Flac Finance.

Our plugin does the heavy lifting allowing users to easily connect their wallets and interact with the ISPO dashboard.

We are supporting various wallets including:

  • Nami
  • Eternl
  • Typhon
  • GeroWallet
  • Flint
  • Yoroi (to a point)
  • NuFi
  • Cardwallet

This plugin requires the parent plugin CardanoPress and a free account
with Blockfrost to be able to talk to the Cardano blockchain.

The plugin is created by the team at PB Web Development.

You can find out more information about CardanoPress and our blockchain integrations at CardanoPress.io.

Example Use Cases

One notable project that is using the ISPO plugin is GoKey.network, who have used it to allow users calculate how many
potential tokens they will earn in the ISPO by using their calculator.

They also use it to display the current stake pool delegation statistics and allow users to easily delegate to the ISPO
stake pool using the wallet connector within a few clicks.

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Get Support

We have community support available on our website under the CardanoPress forums. We also have an online chat support via our Discord server. We encourage you to use the forums first though as it will help others that read through the forums for support.


This plugin does not collect or process any personal user data unless you expressively opt-in.


The CardanoPress ISPO Plugin requires the parent plugin CardanoPress. The
CardanoPress plugin manages the communication with the Cardano blockchain and wallet integrations. Please ensure you
install and configure the core CardanoPress plugin before installing the ISPO plugin.

This plugin requires your own standalone WordPress installation and access to the web server to add a line of code to your htaccess file.

  1. Installing the CardanoPress ISPO Plugin
    Find the plugin in the list at the backend and click to install it. Or, upload the ZIP file through the admin backend. Or, upload the unzipped tag-groups folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.

  2. Activate the plugin
    Navigate to Plugins from the WordPress admin area and activate the CardanoPress – ISPO plugin.
    The plugin will create the base pages for all that you need.

  3. Configure the plugin
    Navigate to the configuration screen for the plugin. Here you can configure the stake pool details and certain variables
    around how your ISPO will work.

  4. Customising the Template
    You can now create a menu link from your website’s main navigation to the ISPO dashboard page. You can also customised
    the plugins template layout. We have create the template in a way that will allow you to override the template.

Navigate to the plugin folder in your WordPress installation and copy the template layout,


Copy this to your child theme in the folder


Override and customise as needed.

For more detailed documentation and tutorials on how to use the plugin, please visit the CardanoPress documentation website.


Can I Run This on My WordPress.com Website?

No you can not. You need full access to your web server to be able to allow for the WASM file type to load. Without this access you will not be able to run the plugin.

Can I Get Paid Support?

Yes you can, we offer subscription to support for our plugins and consultation to help get your project started and to a professional level.

Where Can I See Other Projects That Are Using CardanoPress?

If you visit our main website, CardanoPress.io, there will be a section dedicated to all the websites and projects that have built using CardanoPress.

Can I customise the look and feel of the plugin?

Yes, we’ve built the plugin and sub plugins with hooks and template layouts that can over overridden in a child theme. We’ve followed the same methods as WooCommerce where you simply need to copy the template files into your child theme to start overriding the layouts.

We’ve also taking into account page builders and created short codes for all the template parts of the theme. This will allow builders such as Divi, Elementor, WPBakery to be used with CardanoPress.


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Contributors & Developers

“CardanoPress – Initial Stake Pool Offering Dashboard” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



You can follow our GitHub release for full details on updates
to the plugins.


fix ration to be parsed as float


Customizable toUTC date format; cp-ispo-date_format
Re-use filterable core ajax error messages
Added cp-ispo_component and cp-ispo_template shortcodes
Support multi-pool with unique showcase pages


An updated framework with prefixed dependencies
Handle data for unprepared pool network
Sanitize input stake address


Official repository release (exact same version as 0.8.0)


First stable release (exact same version as 0.7.0)


Set and show the number of tokens allocated to the project
Provide helper methods for epoch conversion
Ready for translations


Check and clean URLs
Update all dependencies


Escape template outputs / echoed variables
Include bootstrap assets locally


Filter the address to track; check the inputted value if in the correct format or grab the required stake


Number input field in the estimator section for more granule control
Filter hook for forcing custom rewards to a wallet; cp-ispo-force_wallet_rewards


Keep the pool data up to date; cached every 15minutes
Nag a notice if no delegation pool ID is set; mainnet required
Full Changelog: v0.3.0…v0.4.0


Bump Guzzle version to 7.4.4 for security patch


Available hooks on calculating rewards
Filter cp-ispo-epoch_calculated_reward
Filter cp-ispo-total_accumulated_rewards
Action cp-ispo-qualified_epoch_for_rewards
Support for bonuses; multiplied every qualifying epoch


CardanoScan link to the correct network
Working Pool ID actions; copy and view
Serve production built assets


Initial release; full working concept