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Google Map V3 for IDN


This plugin will embed a google map using shortcode or as a widget.
This plugin is a different version of Simple Google Map. It enables to insert maps in your posts and pages from an address while Simple Google Map requires a latitude and a longitude.
With this plugin you can insert a google map into your posts, pages, or wigitized sidebar. For this plugin, you will need an API key for geocoding. Google recently released version 3 of their Maps API. They made it smaller and faster, but with less features. If you run a blog or a site with an international domain name (IDN), which means your URL is directly written in French or Spanish with accents (à,é,ñ…), in Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, Hebrew, Thai, Arabic…, this plugin is for you. The versions 1 and 2 of the Google Maps API were creating an error message if you add a map on your IDN site. Now with the version 3, that problem was solved.


  • Insert into posts or pages using only shortcode or by adding a latitude and a longitude or by adding an address
  • Insert into your sidebar as a widget.
  • Choose the language of the map by adding your language code. For example, ja for Japanese, zh for Chinese…
  • Set default options = less necessary shortcode and widget options.
  • Modify the default CSS or turn it off completely and style the map yourself.
  • Add a form for getting directions by simply adding your destination address.
  • It’s simple!


  • There can only be one map one a page. A widget map counts as one.
  • The size of the info window (speech bubble) is dictated by the size of the map, thus the size of the containing div, div#GMV
  • If you wish to use html in the content value in shortcode, be sure and type it in visual mode (not HTML mode). The pointy brackets will be special html characters in HTML mode and are converted back into pointy brackets by the plugin.

For an example and more visit the plugin’s homepage. Page available in English, French and Japanese.


  1. Upload google-map-idn.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Insert the shortcode into your posts or pages or add the widget to your sidebar.

The shortcode name is GMV and here are the options.

  • lat [int] – the latitude of the marker and the center of the map. If you add lat and lng, do not add an address.
  • lng [int] – the longitude of the marker and the center of the map.
  • address[string] – the address of the marker and the center of the map. If you choose the address, do not add lat and lng.
  • zoom [int] – the zoom level (1-19).
  • type [int] – the starting map type. possible values are only ROADMAP, SATELLITE, HYBRID, or TERRAIN and must be in uppercase
  • directionsto [string] – the destination address for getting directions. obviously you want this to be the address of your latitude longitude coordinates.
  • content – what goes inside the infoWindow (speech bubble) that appears when the marker is clicked.


[GMV directionsto=”50, avenue des Champs-Elysées 75020 Paris France” content=”50, avenue des Champs-Elysées 75020 Paris” For directions enter your address below” address=”17 square des Cardeurs 75020 Paris France”]


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