This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Kneejerk Menu Swapper


What is KJD Menu Swapper

This Plugin designed to allow you to contextualize the menus in your theme based on whether or not your visitor is logged in or not. It’s especially handy when this functionality is not built into your theme!

Please report any bugs or feel free to give me any feedback at via the contact form at the bottom. Alternatively, if you’re on Github, you can create an issue for me instead.

How does it work

After installing KJD Menu Swapper, you’ll see the Menu Swapper on the left admin navigation. Once you click there, you’ll be presented with the configuration for the plugin. This plugin does a few things to work:

  1. KJD grabs the menus that your theme has registered. Whatever your theme, if it registers its menus properly, KJD Menu Swapper will find it =]
  2. KJD then grabs the menus that you’ve configured under Appearance -> Menus
  3. If a menu is configured for a registered theme menu, KJD Menu Swapper will show you. Otherwise, it’ll say “None Selected”.
  4. In the dropdown next to what the theme is configured for, you have the option to “swap” it when the visitor is logged in.
  5. Click the enable checkbox for that menu to enable the swap.
  6. Next, bonk the “Save” button, and the menu swap is live!

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A Note from the Author

It’s designed to be pretty easy to use, but this plugin will only get better with constructive feedback from people who are using it like you!

Ryan “Rohjay” Oeltjenbruns


  • This is an example of what the plugin’s config might look like for an install using the Twentytwenty Theme (after bonking save)
  • This shows you where it gets the list of menus you can use. Create, set them to locations in your theme, then come back to the KJD Menu Swapper page to configure which ones you’d like to swap to!


  1. Upload the kneejerk_menu_swapper directory to your site’s /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Configure the plugin through the wp-admin area from the “Menu Swapper” navigation link on the left


Why should I use this plugin?

The best examples of how to use this plugin are where you have a navigation menu with login/logout functionality, or perhaps you’d like to add items to your navigation menus for when someone is logged in. In these scenarios, figure out which location the menu title is describing, create another menu in the wp-admin’s Appearance -> Menus similar to it (with the additions and/or changes), and use that menu for the swap.

Can I swap based off the user role?

Not yet. I’ve thought of this feature, but haven’t yet had the demand to implement it! If you feel this would be a great addition – send me a note on via the contact form at the bottom!

How do I create new menus to swap to?

All of the menus the KJD Menu Swapper knows about are created in the wp-admin area’s Appearance -> Menus. Once you’ve created a menu there, set it as the menu for different registered menu locations in your theme as usual. Once that’s done, the KJD Menu Swapper can allow you to swap that menu to a separate one designed for users that are logged in.

Why does it say “No registered menus found for the current theme”?

This is because your active theme doesn’t have any registered nav menus. In this scenario, the KJD Menu Swapper plugin isn’t going to be able to swap any of your menus when someone is logged in.

Why isn’t KJD Menu Swapper disabling my nav menu when none is selected and it’s enabled?

KJD Menu Swapper isn’t built to disable menus by design. If this is a feature that KJD Menu Swapper should work for, I’d love to hear that feedback. As it sits, I’ve made the conscience decision (perhaps in error) to not honor those swaps.


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Contributors & Developers

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