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Youngwhan's Simple Latex


This plugin helps to represent latex syntax to your blog.

The usage is simple. [math]{Latex Syntax}[/math]. E.g., [math]x^2+y^2[/math]

Special thanks to John Forkosh providing the cgi. (

This is relying on the CGI and when you install it, it will install the CGI automatically. So, you don’t need to do anything.

Also, note that the CGI is manintained by John Forkosh, and whenever he updates it occasionally (maybe once a year), this plugin would be out of date for the new CGI for a moment. However, I will update it as soon as possible when it is updated.

When there is an error, the error log message is shown in the options page.

How to use

  • Usage : [math]{Latex Syntax}[/math]
  • Example: [math]x^2+y^2[/math]

Couple of options are available to adjust the presentation.

Option1: pre

“pre” option helps you to present the latex syntax itself other than rendering.

  • Usage: [math pre={Choose Number}]{Latex Syntax}[/math]
  • [math pre=”0″]{Latex Syntax}[/math]: Displays latex expression. It’s equivalent to [math]{Latex Syntax}[/math]
  • [math pre=”1″]{Latex Syntax}[/math]: Wrapping with <pre>, which shows [math]{Latex Syntax}[/math] itself. This helps to show the code itself
  • [math pre=”2″]{Latex Syntax}[/math]: Same as pre=”1″, but it doesn’t show [math] and [/math] code.

Option2: align

“align” option helps you to present the position of the rendered latex image.

  • Usage: [math align=”{Choose Alignment}”]{Latex Syntax}[/math]
  • {Choose Alignment}: “top” (default), “bottom”, “middle”, “left”, “right”.
  • It is equivalent to <img style=”float:{Choose Alignment}”/>
  • For example, [math align=”left”]x^2+y^2[/math] will put the latex form at left with the wrapping text.

YW Latex Settings

Typical setup is to put the cgi location of your domain + cgi path.

For example,


  • Text Edit for latex syntax
  • Actual presentation of the latex.
  • Option menu in Administrator Panel
  • Option to specify mathtex.cgi location.


  • Just install this plugin into the wordpress. No other setup is required.


What is latex?
(La)Tex Syntax References
Error: your-domain is not authorized to use mathTeX on this server

This means you’re trying to use the cgi where it is not in your domain. Please, use this plugin in your domain.


7 Feabhra, 2017
Hi i have a Sensei Woothemes wp plugin that create online courses, and the problem is that it doesn't recognize the latex code to display the maths formulas so it should be modified(code should be integrated to its core files). can annyone help me figure out this thing i am willing to pay 100$ by paypal to the one who figure it out. this is my e-mail : feel free to contact me Thanks,
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Contributors & Developers

“Youngwhan's Simple Latex” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Fix the existing option field was not applied properly


  • Cleaned up existing cgi location with providing settings class
  • Starting version recording


  • Added a feature to uninstall to remove options.
  • Added a feature to install cgi automatically.
  • Fixed an issue that an image is not aligned properly.


  • Revert the default cgi back to mathtex.cgi for better image quality and update readme.txt about the description/FAQ


  • Default cgi location has changed from to


  • Bump version 5o 1.5.4 for WordPress 4.0 compatible check


  • Bump version to 1.5.3 and minor cosmetic changes


  • Minor fix again for the rendering it in comment.


  • Minor updated that it needs to reserve whitespaces in other options.


  • Removed wpautop functionality for this plugin’s shortcode, “math”.


  • changed all version to match 1.4.2


  • Minor updated for readme.txt to follow wordpress readme.txt format


  • Keep the version and updated readme.txt for the standard format
  • Updated Forkosh’s cgi location since it has changed.


  • Added a feature to enable to write latex in comment.


  • Fix a bug in 1.2.0 printing ‘n’, which was typo.


  • Added “align” option in “[math]” tag.


  • Added “pre” option


  • Updated readme.txt


  • Modified small readme.txt


  • Created the first version of latex plugin for wordpress.